Monday, May 2, 2011

Moving Day

Closing was on Friday and everything went just fine.  We've been slowly moving small things to the new house for the last couple of days, but today the movers are here to move the big things.  I don't know why we always seem to have problems with movers, but we do.  The guys got here on time and that was a great start to the move.  Now, 4.5 hours later and I'm still waiting for them to finish loading up and get moving to the house.  Keep in mind, they didn't have to pack anything. They are just moving the big things that we can't.  So far, I've heard guy 1 complain about his "fucking knees", he's used a million Kleenex because his sinuses are giving him trouble, and I just heard him tell the his partner that he was getting dizzy.  Guy two hasn't complained much, except for the nose bleed that he got that seemed to go on for 20 minutes and was so bad it was just soaking the Kleenex he was using.  They just me that are on the last few pieces...Hmm, we'll see. 

I do want to say though that these guys have been a million times better than my horrible move from CA to CO with Bekins.  This time I'm using Allied as they have been reliable in the past.  On a positive note, I do not plan to move again anytime soon, so I can get through this.

Oh boy, they are getting ready to leave and guy 1 just told me he has to drive because guy 2 still has a nose bleed.  Guy 2 needs to call his doctor. 

Okay, that's it for now.