Saturday, June 19, 2010

Farmer's Market

So this morning we went the local farmer's market in Louisville. I was really looking forward to it and then when we got there I was so disappointed. It was a really small market and most of the booths were selling things other than produce. Ed kept telling me this wasn't California and things were just starting to come into season, but it was still disappointing. We decided to try the Boulder farmer's market and it was so much better. They had a lot of produce and a good deal of it was organic. I didn't end up getting any fruit, but the vegetables I got were really nice. It really is going to take some time to get used to the fact that this is Colorado and not California.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still Working on Settling In

Not too much exciting to write about at the present. I'm still just working on settling in here. I've mostly spent my days either trying organize the stuff I unpack, or running around doing errands. This morning I'm extremely tired and just sitting here at the computer trying to wake up enough to get started on my day. I really should already be awake though, considering I've already had my two cups of coffee!

I'm pretty much done with the kitchen! Yes! For me, that's the most important room to have organized. The dining room is close to being done, I just have to clear out some stuff that has kind of ended up just sitting in there. The same goes for the living room, a few things have to moved out as soon as I figure out where they go. So, the downstairs is really 80-90% done.

The upstairs is another story...While we have unpacked a good deal of clothing, there is still a lot to unpack. Also, the clothes we unpacked we just kind of hung in the closets any old way, so the closets have to be organized. The computer room is coming along nicely, Ed works on organizing his area in the evenings after work. Then we have the two bathrooms upstairs. They shouldn't be too hard to get done, but right now there are unpacked boxes stacked in the master bath.

I'm hoping if I work hard the next two days I can get most of the unpacking and organizing done and then be able to enjoy some of the weekend with Ed. We do have a big weekend project, but I would like to put it off until next weekend if possible. You see, our garage has a lot of stuff in it that we don't intend to unpack here and while it all fits, it really needs to be organized. I would like to do that next weekend, but of course Ed is not a procrastinator like me, so he may want to take care of the garage this weekend. We'll see.

Well, I guess I've done enough procrastinating for the morning, time to get to work...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Finally Have Our Stuff!

Yay! The movers were actually here at a few minutes past 8:30 this morning. Things went pretty smooth as far as unloading and bringing things into our place. One guy, Manny, was an exceptionally hard worker and I really appreciated him. But, after talking to him for a few minutes I found out he wasn't actually part of Bekins. He was a temp that was hired for minimum wage! Of the three guys that showed up, he busted his ass like you wouldn't believe, and the thought of him getting paid only a little over $7/hr was really sad. He was a nice guy and a hard worker though, so I hope something good will happen for him.

Okay, now I just have to unpack everything!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving Sucks

Yes, moving does suck, but what really sucks are the movers! Our belongings were originally scheduled to be delivered here in Colorado between June 7-9. The day everything was picked up in California the driver gave us a firm date of the 9th. Okay, so we live without furniture and most of our clothes until then, fine.

June 8th, the day before the scheduled delivery, the phone rings and it's someone from the moving company saying that the truck was in the shop and wouldn't be delivering our stuff until at least the 11th! They promised to keep me updated.

June 10th, still hadn't heard from the moving company so called and left a message.

June 11th, hmm I'm thinking our stuff is not going to be delivered...The lady from the moving company calls and says she'll get in touch with the driver and let me know. The driver finally calls and says he will be delivering our stuff tomorrow morning between 8:30 and 9.

Okay, I'm pretty pissed at the whole situation, but I'm trying to be optimistic and believe that come this time tomorrow I will actually have my things!

What is so upsetting, is that I can't do anything about this...They have all our stuff! I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with spreading the word about Bekins AMS Relocation to everyone I know AND posting a review of my experiences on Moving is a bitch, but I'm a bigger one!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Customer Service

Customer Service
By Heather M. Hocking

Hello, my name is Customer Service.
I do not exist. I am but a figment of your imagination.
I am just another utopian ideal that you were tricked into believing you would one day experience.
You grew up listening to your parents and grandparents talk about how it was in “their” day.
Did they really have such a day?
You never will!

Hello, my name is Customer Service.
I will be glad to help you. I will help you become frustrated and disillusioned.
I will not be there between 9 and 10 as promised; I will not even be there by 11.
It is not my fault. It is due to circumstances beyond my control.
You have no recourse.
Is there anything else I can help you with?

Hello, my name is Customer Service and I do not exist.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Shopping Trip to Walgreens

I have a friend who has started couponing, reading blogs that point out where to go for bargains, etc. Well, she's really been saving a lot and has inspired me to give it a try. I'm not working right now, so any time I spend going over coupons, reading blogs, and looking a sale papers is not a problem.

Today I went to Walgreen's armed with my list of sales and my stack of coupons clipped from Sunday's paper. Now, one thing I want to make clear, I didn't buy anything "just because it was a bargain" I only bought things I actually needed. One cool thing about Walgreen's is that certain purchases trigger "Register Rewards" which are coupons that print out with $$ off your next trip.

So here is the break down:

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor $9.89
-$4 coupon, $5 register reward
like paying only $.89

Gillette Venus Embrace Razor $8.99
-$2 coupon, $2 register reward
like paying $4.99

Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner 2/$8
-$1 off on 2 coupon, $2 register rewards
like paying $5 for both

Febreeze Noticeables Starter Kit $6.36
-$1 coupon
Febreeze Noticeables Refill $4.49
-$1 coupon
$2 register rewards for purchasing both
like paying $6.85 for both

CoverGirl Cosmetics B1/G1 half off
Lash Blast Fusion Mascara $9.99
-$2 coupon
Oil Control Pressed Powder $6.99
1/2 off -$3.50, -$1 coupon
paid $10.48 for both

Gallon jug of drinking water $1.19
-$.50 coupon

So, to recap I spent a total of 44.40 with tax and got $11 in register rewards to spend on my next trip. Not bad for my first try at couponing/sale shopping!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Trip to Colorado - Day Two

Okay, so we got up Friday, drugged the cats, went to breakfast, came back, loaded the cats up and checked out of Motel Hell.

Friday's drive was very long. We got on the road at about 8:30 a.m. and didn't pull into our place in CO until around 10 p.m. Though the day was long, it was a good day all in all. We started the morning out in Nevada, went through Utah, Wyoming, and finally arrived in Colorado. I have to say, with the exception of driving through the salt flat area of Utah, I really enjoyed all the scenery along the drive.

That's about it, nothing too exciting happened along the drive. Although I will say that we were nearly blown away by the high winds in Wyoming. Wow! The cats were good again except for maybe the last half hour of the drive when they started crying. We understood though, it had been 12 hours since they had been medicated and it was wearing off.

We survived though, and so did they.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's Been A Long Few Days!

As I sit here in my living room in Superior, Co and think back on the last five days, I am just exhausted!

Wednesday night we decided to go watch our friends from Ed's work at their softball game. Of course, five minutes before we are planning to go to the game I pop a crown off of one of my teeth! That's bad under any circumstance, but it was really bad in my case. After all, we were planning to leave town the next day! Thankfully my dentist was able to squeeze me in for an emergency appointment and re-cement my crown on Thursday morning. We were leaving the state though, so we decided to make the most of our last night and join our friends at a local bar after their game. I guess I'm really getting old, because 3 beers and staying out until 11 or so, really did me in.

While I was at the dentist the next morning, Ed was at home waiting on the movers to come. They were actually on time, so that was a good thing! We were hoping to get on the road ourselves by noon, but by the time the movers got done it was after one. Not too terrible, but a later start than we had planned. I put some extra cat food outside for my stray girls, took a last look around,
and we were on our way.

It was bittersweet leaving. I only had a couple of friends in the area, so it's not like I had a lot of ties, but it was still kind of sad leaving. I was also feeling bad about the two little stray cats I usually feed, as there was just no way we could take them. Anyway, as we were leaving our neighborhood I got a couple of tears in my eyes, but managed to wipe them away before Ed saw. I'm always embarrassed about things like that. Once we got out of our area and down towards SF I was okay.
One last drive across the Oakland Bay Bridge and we were on our way.

Now speaking of cats, I was really nervous about taking our cats on the long drive to CO. After weeks of trial runs around the area, we finally came up with a good solution. Xanax and Buprenex prescribed by the vet were a lifesaver once we got the dosage right. We drugged Artie and Ozzie first thing in the morning and by the time we got on the road they were pretty out of it. They weren't happy about going into their travel cages, but once they were in there and safely tucked into the back of our CRV they calmed down. We heard a little meowing, but not too much and thankfully Ozzie never went to the bathroom or vomited in the car! Good Boys!!!!

Our drive was pretty uneventful. We had a little rain driving out of CA, but nothing to bad. I was kind of shocked to see snow still in the mountains this late in the year. I thought it was really cool though.

Nevada had some surprises for us too. Within minutes of crossing the boarder from CA to NV we saw a rainbow. We thought it might be directing us to a pot of gold at a nearby casino, but we resisted chasing it! Well, another hour or so into NV, I looked over and there was another rainbow! This one wasn't as big as the first one, but it was beautiful. The way the sun was shining around it and the lighting all around was just fantastic. I took a picture, but it really doesn't do it justice.

We were getting tired, so we ended up stopping for the night in a town called Winnemucca. Wow, that was an experience! First off, all of the motels were pretty much booked because of a rodeo or donkey races or something. As an added pain, we had to find a motel that accepted pets. We didn't make reservations in advance since we didn't know how far we would drive that first day. We ended up in probably on of the trashiest motels we've ever stayed in. You know it's not great when the a handwritten sign on the bullet proof glass at the front desk says "Sorry, No Refunds". Hmm, has to be pretty bad if people are asking for refunds. But, it was a room, we could take our cats in, and we were tired and didn't care. I will say though, it had the absolute best water pressure for a motel shower. It was a great way to start out the next day! I got a good laugh at the "continental breakfast" they provided when I went in to check out. It was a tray lined with foil proudly displaying what appeared to be individually wrapped Little Debbie Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies. Now, don't get me wrong, those are tasty little treats, but calling them a continental breakfast is a bit of a stretch!

Well, that's it from the beginning of our journey up to the second morning. More later...