Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Florida Vacation Day 3

On our third day in Florida we visited the Kennedy Space Center. I really thought this was an amazing place.  All of the exhibits were both educational as well as just plain amazing!  The highlight of my tour here, was that I got to touch an actual piece of moon rock. It was so awesome knowing that I was actually touching a piece of the moon!  We also got a tiny glimpse of the space shuttle Discovery. It was in the vehicle assembly building and we could just see it though the open bay door as our tour bus drove by.
Vehicle Assembly Building
As much as Ed and I enjoyed our tour, it was also a very sad time to visit the center. We visited on January 29th, just one day after the anniversary of the Challenger explosion.  The monuments and memorials to the crew (as well as crews of other missions) were so very moving. It's really hard to explain how I felt. I remembered sitting in 8th grade science class and watching as the Challenger lifted off.

On a happier note, while we were out on the tour that went to the launch pad areas, we got to see some dolphins swimming! That was pretty amazing. We were only able to get pictures of their fins sticking up, but it sure was entertaining watching them.
Ed with Launching Pad 39 in the background

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