Tuesday, March 29, 2011


First of all, can you believe that I've posted twice in one day?

Well, we've come to an agreement with the sellers and we're buying a house!  Of course, now we just have to hope there are no problems when they do the inspection. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!  I just called the inspector and if schedules allow, he'll be doing the inspection this Saturday.  It's pretty fast, but we're planning to close on April 29!  I am so excited! 

Our House!

More news to follow...


  1. I hope your home buying process goes more smoothly than ours. We walked 5 times before finally buying the one we're in and some days I wish we'd walked away from this one! =)

  2. BTW, congratulations!! I bet you'll be happy to be out of multi-family housing. =)

  3. I'm happy, excited, scared, frazzled, etc. Too many emotions going on right now. =)